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History of breed "Tipler"
For breed
Year as a registered breed is considered 1840y. In the beginning it has gained only exhibition appearance and there was no competition to fly, but only izlozhbenni competitions. What breed has been established there are several versions:

First as stated above, that kind of exhibition, some pigeon breeding the fact that doves summer long, started to make selection for a long flight and compete among themselves.
There are versions that doves were derived from Persian breed pigeons.
The third version is that about 170y. pigeons were prevartachi (tumpeens), which are held in the air in 7-8 hours. Then have occurred English lovers pigeons that took long to appreciate flight..So started work on selection for increased flight. Galabovadi of Miklesfild and its surroundings began
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Pigeon Community

Formally considered 2000y.for early tippler sport in Bulgaria. Then imported the first English tipplers group Haskovski pigeon breeding, visited the international exhibition in the city Sombar - Serbia. There they remained very fascinated ....
Club History

Natoinal Tippler Club - Bulgaria

Competitive Regulation for a long flight
NTK - BG considers its task to conduct long-flying competitions at national and international level. As ......
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